The property that Newby Vineyard calls home has been in the family for years.

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The property was originally purchased by Billy's great uncle, Miles White, in 1953. He had goats and horses, and the terraced land leads down to one of several natural springs from which we get our water. Billy's parents, Dennis and Jackie Newby live on the property now and have been highly involved and supportive of every new endeavor. After projects like transplanting and trellising wild blackberries, establishing an enormous vegetable garden, and planting blueberries, raspberries, and anything else you can think of, the first Blanc du Bois grapevines were planted in March of 2015. The vineyard is an oasis of natural beauty only minutes from downtown Rome and is made possible by the efforts of our family and community, for which we are forever grateful. 

A man drives a tractor
Grapes tumble from a bin

Billy Newby can make anything grow. When it comes to the foresight needed to nurture and develop things in nature, he is methodical and unafraid of a well-researched risk.

Billy sought satisfaction in creating something special and unique where the fruits of his labor would be directly proportionate to the work he put forth. A philosopher and long-time yogi, Shannon has found the mental focus afforded by the one-vine-at-a-time meditation of the vineyard labor to be a powerful anchor to the here and now.

Visit the tasting room and experience the attention and effort the Newbys invest into each element of your experience firsthand, by the bottle or by the glass.

Come see the work and passion that goes into your favorite glass of wine.